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Hi, I’m

Samar Jamil

Freelance Web Designer

I’ve been creating websites with WordPress for more than 3 years now with a piece of full knowledge about How to Create an Outstanding Website to help you grow your business with my bits of help!

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My Biography

Find out How I met with WordPress and Divi Theme


Hey there, As you know my name is Samar Jamil I’m a Muslim from Pakistan with creative thinking. I was born/raised in Pakistan and when I was 13 I get to use the Internet, thanks to my parents to provide me a Computer, and I was always looking to do something in it but I couldn’t so I just used to play games.

But one day I saw a Wix ad on Youtube showing how easy it is to build a Website. I visited their site and create an account to test out and turns out that It’s a very interesting thing to create a website. And I then go to Google to see How to Make a Website and found many articles showing “How to Make a Website with WordPress in 10 minutes” I know a website can’t be completely created in 10 minutes. So I found out that WordPress is the biggest platform/CMS to create a stunning site. And from that time I was always playing around with WordPress on localhost and turns out, I can now finally create a website of any kind. And then at the age of 14, I created my first site which I deleted after because I was falling in love with Divi Theme and then I started learning more about Divi and It wasn’t difficult to learn everything about Divi. And from that time I’m creating Products, Tutorials, and Videos on my Channel just about Divi.

What do I do?

I do much stuff on request but some of my most famous things are below.

WordPress Websites

I love to create beautiful and clean looking sites for clients with WordPress. The best CMS ever.

Design with Divi

I can make any site with any Theme but the One I enjoy to make site with is my favorite Divi Theme.

eCommerce Websites

I also beautiful looking eCommerce stores to help you run a successful online store that makes sales